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Tier 5 - Creole Pickle

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Not your ordinary dill. Crisp and tangy popcorn with a dash of good gris gris. Crunchy popcorn with a snap of dill flavor and a kick of creole seasoning. Sink your teeth into a crisp pickle at a summer baseball game – without the juice dribbling down your chin! This savory popcorn is a salty-snack lover’s dream. In the South, we like our pickles fresh out the bag off a convenience store shelf, fried in quarter-sized circles and dipped in ranch, or in a spear on the side of our favorite po-boy. Pickles have been around for over 4,000 years, originating when ancient civilizations used salty brine to preserve food. Made to last, pickles have a strong history, from being a favorite of Queen Cleopatra in Egypt to traveling with famous explorers to the Americas. Now Americans eat more than 2 million pounds of pickles a year.

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